Franz Wisner has no idea what to label his profession.  Writer?  Travel addict?  Professional dumpee?  In addition to How the World Makes Love, he is the author of Honeymoon with My Brother (St. Martin’s Press), a New York Times best-selling memoir about the two-year, 53-country honeymoon he took with his brother Kurt after being left at the altar by his fiancee.  The brothers have told their offbeat tale on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, and Fox News, among others.

Franz has also penned essays for NPR, Redbook, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Toronto Globe and Mail, Coast Magazine, and any other publication that will have him.

Kurt Wisner is a golf junkie who chose to join his brother Franz on a two-year honeymoon tour of the planet as well as on a global quest to uncover How the World Makes Love.  His photographs have appeared in the Orange County Register, ABC News on-line, Orange County Business Journal, OC Metro Magazine, and Coast Magazine.

When he’s not exploring foreign real estate, he’s selling it in Los Angeles (  He lives in Silver Lake with a mellowing Jack Russell and imperious Shih Tzu.